In the ancient times, before the era of Grumpy Cat, a writing box was a portable writing surface that doubled as a storage unit for writing supplies: pens, ink, parchment. Today’s writing tools are more likely to be found in a laptop computer than a laptop desk, but the idea is the same: the tools are there to serve the writers and their words.

Tech addict that I am, I want to look at how digital tools and publishing platforms have changed how writers work. Sometimes this is a practical concern. How can new tools be used to help somebody write a business plan, craft their novel’s plot, or keep a personal blog for a potentially international audience? Sometimes there’s a bigger question of how communication is changing as the world does. Is a writer just words on paper when paper is becoming a rarer thing? How do we write for interactive mediums? What sort of stories can we tell and how do other forms of media fit in with that?

I’m looking forward to exploring these topics, as well as reviewing apps and hardware that writers might use. Please feel free to comment with your own insights on any of these topics, because this is all about learning what’s out there!